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Mama, my queen

It’s been 9 months Mama, And finally we are now here. Together, skin to skin, The comfort of your heart beat still so near. ⠀ It’s been a long road Mama, You’ve done so much for me. Sacrificing your body, your sleep, your everything, All to grow me safely in your belly. ⠀ It’s not the end though Mama, We’re only just at the start. I still need every part of you, In the light of days and nights of dark. ⠀ It’s all so big out here Mama, And I’m not sure of anything yet. I love that you’re still close to me, You’re my personalised safety net. ⠀ It’s relentless what you’re doing Mama, I’m small and I need so much. But mostly I need your love and safety, You breath, your skin, your touch. ⠀ It’s a lot for me right now Mama, The outside world is all so new. The smells, the faces, the sounds, But my favourite thing of all is you. ⠀ It’s a new reflection, I know Mama, To you but not to me. Remember I didn’t know you of before, But you of now is as perfect as can be. ⠀ It’s not easy sometimes Mama, I know it can be hard on you. The feeding, the healing, the rawness, The sheer overwhelm of all the new. ⠀ It’s ok if you cry too Mama, The tears are not just mine. There’s a lot going on for us both, at once, It’s ok to shed them at the same time. ⠀ It will all go too quickly though Mama, I won’t always be this small. I’ll need you less day by day, And time, while slow, won’t actually stall. ⠀ It’s you that got me here Mama, Don’t forget how capable you are. You may feel weak and unsteady right now, But truly Mama, you’ve come so far. ⠀ It’s one day at a time ok Mama? Let’s figure it out together. We’ve been a team for months already, We both know we can handle whatever. ⠀ It’s such a special time now Mama, This second chapter in the story of us. And nothing feels more right to me, Than giving you my life, for now, in trust.

Poem: Words of Emma Heaphy

Art: Amanda Greavette Fine Art

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